Barry E. Scheetz, Ph.D.

Dr. Scheetz is a professor of civil and environmental engineering and has been a faculty member at Penn State for over 30 years. He has worked as a materials scientist specializing in the chemistry and mineralogy of cementitious systems for concrete in transportation infrastructure, including fly ash, slag, silica fume and natural pozzolans blended into ternary combination. He has also directed research in the use of similar waste materials for engineering into ceramic proppants for energy recovery. His work has focused on the use of Portland cement systems for civil infrastructure applications under SHRP and NCHRP sponsorship. Additionally, his research activities extend to the use of cementitious materials in a variety of nuclear applications from his early work on sealing deep geological repositories to ongoing programs of wasteform development for high-level nuclear waste. Professor Scheetz is also active in work to restore mining ravaged environments with the use of cementitious grouts derived from pozzolanic reactions with fly ash. His activities focus on the large-volume utilization of industrial by-products. Recent programs have been using fly ash and alkaline waste activators to fabricate non-traditional, alkali-activated cements for use in environmental restoration. Dr. Scheetz holds approximately 40 combined U.S. and foreign patents and is the author of 200 scientific publications. He has served on numerous National Research Council committees.